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How to Order your Remembering Woody Tile:

Note: Orders need to be made at New Lambton Vets 

1. Hand painted cedar tiles are $50 each.

2. It is a memorial tile wall but living pets are also welcome!

3. Pet owners can EITHER

– choose a silhouette from The Book (at the front counter)
– OR bring in a photo of their pet that would be suitable drawn as a silhouette. The photo should be of a size suitable to fit on to a 15cm x 15cm tile
– OR Pick from our selection on our website.
– OR go to and print one in a suitable size to fit a 15cm2 tile.

4. Silhouettes are all black, and the background colour can be chosen from The Book. If another colour is required please bring the colour code with you.

5. Font of text is standard

6. Staff fill in an order form quoting silhouette number (cat, dog or other) and colour number. If an outside order, quote specific PMS colour number and attach silhouette or photo supplied.

7. Put orders in the folder at the front desk for collection by Marg/Lezlie

8. Any questions let me know. And make sure you order a tile if you haven’t already done so!

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Farm Animals

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